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Updated: April 16th, 2014

Llewellin Setter Puppies!

The Purest of Llewellin's personal Dashing Bondhu Bloodlines Available ANYWHERE in the World!
Best Bloodline, Best Pups, Best Guarantee!

     The Dashing Bondhu bloodline have been line-bred for over 145 years and reproduce like clones, except for appearance, like color and markings. They were bred for Ol' English Gentlemen as pleasure FOOT HUNTING and NATURALLY hunt VERY close when needed in thick heavy cover, the thicker the cover the closer they will hunt in front of you. About 80% have been sold to Ruffed Grouse hunting homes and have made excellent woods Grouse and Woodcock gun dogs and over 99% have been very satisfied with them with most reports being the best bird dogs they have EVER owned. 
    They will also adjust to open ground and can be easily taught to reach out making them an excellent choice for foot hunting quail, chukar, pheasant, and/or prairie grouse dogs and they have had the same 99% satisfaction on them. 
   They have a strong willingness to please their owner's, making them easy to train the way you want them to hunt and adjust to the cover staying in eye sight and make wonderful loving and loyal family companion pets and have had the same 99% satisfaction. It's the less then 1%, that for some reason are not satisfactory is why we have our Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee and over half of those returned, we have been able to train and sell as started dogs the following season. 
    Our Dashing Bondhu breeding program has been a wonderful success and we would like to praise God for it ALL as he is the creator of ALL life and the Holy Spirit had lead us with Al and Drenda King's help to save them from extinction.
     We would especially like to praise God for sending us wonderful customers from around the world. Mike and Marie want to thank all those who purchased pups from them in the past and wish everyone a very happy, blessed, and healthy new year. 

    Once again, we have received OUTSTANDING reports on last year's pups, with only one or two pups needing to be replaced. We are maintaining better than a 99% satisfaction record since we have been breeding these Setters since 1996 and have been told by geneticists that it is impossible to improve on that percentage since we must allow as much as 5% for natural birth defects which includes hunting. So not only have they proven to be genetically sound, but are amazingly 5 times above the rate of natural birth defects. 
    Please keep in mind, that anything that can be produced genetically can also be produced as a birth defect, but, we do are very best to eliminate any problems and are doing everything possible to produce the very best, most natural, genetically sound, healthiest pups possible.
    When selecting your puppy, please realize that our Dashing Bondhu's have been line bred for 145 plus years by the worlds best breeders and are virtually like clones, so when it comes to good health, loving temperament, high intelligence, natural ability, and willingness to please they are all very much a like. If on the small chance a pup is different acting, we will specify it. 
   Basically, the only differences are in their color and markings. So you can be confident in choosing a pup that you want from their color, markings, and from the pictures sent to you or that are posted. Unless noted, the rest is automatically the same litter after litter regardless who the parents are. This is why we are able to provide a Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee on every pup we offer. In fact, once we have carefully selected, trained, Gun Dog Certified, and added one to our breeding program, we have never needed to cull/remove one for producing inferior pups. Like "bred to like, produces like".
     On the very small chance any pup would show shyness or not be of the same high standards as expected, we will always note it in their email or posting. We do our very best to catch or spot any little thing out of place and will inform you before your purchase and we guarantee your total satisfaction for LIFE after the sale. NO gimmicks, NO games, EVERY PUP has a LIFE-TIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.
    For some reason, we also end up with more males then females and it might appear we get more deposits for females, but the truth is, we actually sell twice as many males then we do females. 
    We understand that males in most breeds and even most lines are usually stubborn and harder to train, both in the field and home, but BOTH males and females of these wonderful Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters have a strong willingness to please their owner's and most are what some call born broke. They are usually the easiest to house train and natural bird dogs, with super sweet personalities.
     Please note, because our Dashing Bondhu bloodline's are extremely intelligent, many of our pups will not point a bird wing. This is because they instinctively know that the wing is dead and many will only try and catch a wing to retrieve it to you and will not point one regardless how much you try. Fear not, this has NO indication on their ability to POINT steady on LIVE bird scent and your pup well  point on live birds where it really matters. In fact, I believe they are the smarter pups with the strongest instincts and because of this trait, our dogs are much less likely to false point, relocate points, or flash point wasting a hunter's time and will have the live bird/s body scent when they point. This is just one of the many amazing instincts these Setters have.
Also, a very high percentage of our Llewellin Setter pups and adults will point with confidence naturally holding their heads and tails high (10-12 O'clock) similar or a little lower then the dog pictured in the background. If you want a dog that points old world style, insecure, holding it's tail low (8-9 O'clock), head down, they may be force trained to do so, even though low carriage is not a natural trait for a confident bird dog with exceptional scenting ability and is not preferred by American hunter's. We do not recommend you purchase one of our pups if you prefer a low style bird dog or you don't want a highly intelligent and natural dog. They are not for people who like to force train, they are natural at pointing, retrieving, and backing and do not respond well to harsh training methods.

Though they can be easily trained to flush birds on command, we personally don't use our Llewellin Setters to flush birds. We feel that this contradicts their naturally bred and programed instinct to hold their points solid until the hunter or handler flushes the bird/s and they hold until a bird is shot down.

It's our opinion that the only times a dog should break point is when birds are moving on the run, like Pheasants, Chukar, Sharp tails, and some quail species are very apt to do. All our dogs will instinctively back off a point when this happens and circle around the birds cutting them off and re-pointing them to pin them down between you and them leaving no where for the birds to go. This will cut down on the time from when your dog smells the birds and you get to shoot them. Other breeds usually break point and keep moving up on the birds and re-point over and over again, until the birds reach thick cover and stay in place or get away. 

Also, when they make a long point off the bird/s and they are instructed with a light tap on one ear to move up and re-point closer to the bird/s. Or when they rarely point out of sight of the hunter in thick cover and have not been located by their master for a while, most will naturally back off their point to locate their master and will lead them back to the birds and re-point them. These were highly favored traits by Mr. Llewellin, Mr. Humphrey's, and Fr. Brannon's personal dogs and are all still very strong instincts we favor in all our Setter's today.

How to Train your Dashing Bondhu Setter

Dashing Bondhu dogs Past and Present

Fd.Ch.Ch. Armstrong's Dash II

Hank's Ringo Bondhu
(King Llewellin Kennel)
A perfect example how genetically similar the Dashing Bondhu's are today from the originals, with the original Fd.Ch.Ch. Armstrong's Dash II pictured on the left and  134 years later Hank's Ringo Bondhu pictured on the right. Can there be any doubt that they are the same pure Dashing Bondhu bloodlines?

BTW, Hank's Ringo Bondhu, is out of OLN's "Hank" and Dashing Chess Bondhu (our Blaze's litter-mate) and is the sire of our Hank, DB Chess, Missy, Odette and the grand sire of our Princess, Freckles, and Babe and is half brother to Irish Chess Bondhu, and is related to all the rest of our dogs. So you can see he is in our dogs a lot of times. Of course Dash II was the sire of Fd.Ch.Ch. Dashing Bondhu, the foundation of the Dashing Bondhu bloodline and is in all our dogs many, many times, waaaaaaaaaaay back.

Attention All Customer's
Subject Microchips

     All microchips that we provide are or have been registered to the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance, 'IPDBA' dog registry. In the past, this has allowed us to rely on IPDBA to contact you if your pup/dog was lost and then found by animal shelters and vet clinics. It has now come to our attention that some shelters are not willing to contact the original registered owner or kennel of the microchip if the chip has not been registered to an individual dog and owner with a national online microchip registry. IPDBA will continue to contact dog owner's if they are contacted, but to make sure all shelters will contact you, we recommend that you also register your pups/dogs microchip for life for a one time low fee with the Microchip Registration Center at http://www.microchipregistrationcenter.com/  or call (800) 434-2843. Please add our Customer Provider Code # C14240 , so we can keep track of our pups registered within their system.

This will assure you that your dog is registered for life in your name and personal contact info, in all three online national lists and will allow you to make your contact changes online without any additional charges for life.

Note: We are now using the Mini-Pro ID Chip, the smallest and safest microchip available. It is about half the size of most other chips.

Please note: We do not receive any discounts or proceeds for recommending the "Microchip Registration Center". We do so because we have been pleased with their excellent service and want our customer's to receive the same.

100% Free with every puppy purchase!
    • Consultation before sale (best by email mvcr@scrtc.com ).
    • Help in selecting the right pup for you.
    • Mini Pro-ID Microchip (smallest chip available and Internationally recognized) inserted.
    • Tattoo ID (usually the last three digits of microchip, usually in left ear unless right ear is lighter color), in case chip stops working and for quick ID.
    • All Vaccines and wormings (up to date for age), usually no need for vaccines for 2-3 weeks from time of purchase.
    • All pups are treated with Albon, Baycox, Nemex, and/or Ivomec bi-weekly from birth to help eliminate all parasites, but may require one or two followup wormings.
    • Expert training advice (after sale) please see How to Train your Dashing Bondhu Setter.
    • Expert breeding advise (after sale) if needed.
    • 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee! (health, temperaments, hunting abilities, and everything else except injuries after purchase)

Example: How pups can change as they grow...
This is why we send an outline diagram of each pup available showing their expected ticking as an adult. That way, our customer's will know about how much ticking a pup will have as an adult. Just because they are born all white, does not mean they won't have a lot of ticking as an adult. All pups are born without any ticking and will get a little to a lot of ticking. At 5 week old, we can make an educated guess on the amount of ticking a pup will have as an adult. The same goes for pups with marking, they are born with markings, but their amount ticking will vari from a few to a lot and won't come in fully until an adult.
(Pup shown for an example Not For Sale)

Tri-Belton pup at 3 wks
(born all white and still all white)

Same Tri-Belton pup at 6 wks old
(has faint ticking on body, but showing ticking on belly, legs, ears, and muzzle)

Same pup at 3 months old
(Tri-Belton is 3/4 ticked)

Same pup at 12 months old
(Tri-Belton is fully ticked now)
Amount of Ticking will vari from pup to pup.

Same pup (Tri-Belton) with his best hunting buddy Nik
and Nik's first Pheasant in MA!
Don't forget to take a kid hunting!
His Dad is one happy customer :)

More Examples of Puppies Past!
(All these Puppies were SOLD and are not available)
We post these pictures because most pups are reserved in advanced and are never posted for public viewing. These are the kind of pups we constantly offer our customers. Please see "Puppies Available" section below for any pups available NOW!
Litter of Chestnut pups
L-R a Chestnut Litter of pups. Pups #1 and #3, without markings are Chestnut Beltons.
Starting to show ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked pup at 9 weeks
doing what comes natural!
owned by Andre Lewis, Minnesota
More Examples of Puppies Past!
All pups pictured here are now in their new homes.
Please see "Puppies Available" section below for any pups available NOW!

Blue Belton
(White with Black Ticks)
Nose will be all black
Too young to show ticking.

Blue Belton
(White with Black Ticks)
Starting to show ticking.

White, Chestnut, & Ticked
Eye patch
Starting to show ticking.

Chestnut Belton
nose will be all brown
Starting to show ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked
Full Mask nose will be all black
very little ticking, but starting to show ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked
Half mask, heavy amount of large ticking
Older pup showing more ticking

Blue Belton
(White with Black Ticking)
Nose will be all black
Too young to show ticking.

Half Mask
(White, Chestnut, Tan, & Ticked)
nose will be all brown
Too young to show ticking.

Full mask
(White, Black, Tan, & Ticked)
Too young to show ticking.

Half Mask
(White, Chestnut, Tan, & Ticked)
Nose will be all brown
Too young to show ticking.

Blue Belton
(White with Black Ticking)
Older pup shows ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked
Half mask
Starting to show ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked
Nose will be all black

White, Orange, & Ticked
Nose will be all black
(Not a Belton because of Orange markings)
Too young to show ticking.

White, Black, & Ticked
(Not a Belton because of black patch on ear)
Older pup showing more ticking.

A nice fat 5 week old pup
White, Black, & Ticked
(Half mask)
Just starting to show ticking.

Available Puppies!
               Pure Dashing Bondhu Litters

           Gun Dog Certified Parents!

Emails are given the highest priority and we are answering all emails received as soon as possible. If you have not gotten a reply from an email in a day or two, we have either not received it or our reply may have ended up in your servers spam folder. Many emails mentioning male, female, or sex in the text will end up being recognized as spam. Please check you spam folder. Also, please enter our email address mvcr@scrtc.com in your approved list.

Our days are long and our family and dogs come first, so we are sorry that we cannot possibly answer or return all the many phone calls we receive, because of this p
hone calls are given low priority. If you have called and not gotten a return call, please email us instead. Please do not send emails asking for us to call you, they will be treated as a phone call and skipped over and may not reply.

All pictures posted of pups are the most recent photos taken of the pup. We will update all photos when time allows us to do so, please do not ask for additional photos as we  do not have time to take additional photos
for each customer and we must treat everyone equally. New pictures are posted and shred with everyone.
Please note: None of these older pups were ever placed before or returned, they just have not been placed yet.  If they are not placed before the fall, we will train and sell them as started dogs ($2500.00+), but that has not ever happened in the past. Please see the diagram of each pup to see what their expected ticking will be as an adult.

 Litter U-13

Born September 24, 2013
100% Humphrey

Sire:  GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho
(GDC Dashing  x GDC Dashing Rosie Bondhu)
 100% Humphrey

Dam:  GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringette
(GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo x GDC Dashing Bondhu
100% Humphrey

We have one male available. Sorry, the female was chosen.

U13 #1 Small Male 
100% Humphrey
Available Now!

  White, Black, & Ticked
Beautiful, Bold, Friendly, Short Stocky, Male,  will be 40-45 pounds.
. Please excuse his oily coat,
he has been sleeping in his food dish, a bath and some brushing would make him look amazing.
100% Humphrey

Available Now!
$1000.00 Firm
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Litter # ZA13
Date of Birth 12/6/13

92% Humphrey & 8% Fr. Brannon


Had 2 Males, 2 Females

Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Prince
(GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo X GDC Dashing Bondhu Princess)
97.5% Humphrey & 2.5% Fr. Brannon

Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Janie

GDC IrishKing Ashly Bondhu X King's Bondhu IrishBel )
84.5% Humphrey & 15.5% Fr. Brannon

ZA13 #2 Male 
Available Now! 

White, Chestnut, & Ticked Male
Available Now!

$1000.00 Firm

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

ZA13 #4 Female 

White, Chestnut, & Ticked Female

This beautiful female has an overbite. As you can see you cannot see it unless you open the pups lips and it continues to get better every time we look at it. It may correct itself in time as most others have in the past. Even so, dogs teeth do not continue to grow so even if her bite is not perfect, it will seldom cause any problems.

Her left eye appears light blue while her right eye is starting to turn golden in color. We cannot tell if it an allusion, because of her dark chestnut face around the eye is making her left eye appear lighter or it really is lighter than her right eye. If it really is lighter and stays light blue, it will be our first pup we have ever produced with a blue eye.

Because she is not 100% perfect we are reducing her price from $1100. to just $750.00 "without breeding rights".
  Her mother also nipped the very tip of her tail off, but it looks just fine as you can see. Many hunters prefer the tail tip cut off, so it won't bleed in heavy brush. Most people think over/under bites are genetic, but it is so rare in our Setters (less than 1 out of 100) it must be a non-inherited birth defect, but because ONLY the very best should be used for breeding, no breeding rights are available on her.
Only $750.00 Firm

"Without breeding rights"
(SAVE $350.00)

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Litter # A14

Date of Birth 1/4/14
Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo
100% Humphrey

(Dashing Jerry Bondhu x Dashing Othoette Bondhu)

Dam: GDC IrishKing Bondhu Lady
Double Bred H/F IrishKing Bondhu Ashly
IrishKing Bondhu Paul x Dashing Lunette Bondhu)

We have one male available.

A14 #3 Male

Available Now!

Tri-Color Male
(White, Black, Tan, & Ticked)
Bold, Hanson, Sweet Pup.
Should be under 50 pounds.
Available Now!

$900.00 Firm

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Litter # B14
DOB  1/06/14
Has 3 Males and 2 Females

Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Ashly
Quadruple Bred H/F IrishKing Bondhu Ashly
d(GDC IrishKing Ashley Bondhu x GDC IrishKing Bondhu Lady)

Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Miss
Double Bred Hank's Ringo Bondhu
(GDC Dashing Bondhu Hank x GDC Dashing Missy Bondhu)

  B14 #1 Male

Available Now!

Tri-Color Male
(White, Black, Tan, & Ticked)
Big, Blocky, Bold, Hanson, Pup.
Available Now!

$850.00 Firm

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
B14 #3 Male
Available Now!

Available Now!
$950.00 Firm

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Litter # C14
Date of Birth 1/10/14
  Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Hank
Double Bred Dashing Chess Bondhu
ank's Ringo Bondhu x GDC Irish Chess Bondhu)

Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Countess
(GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho x GDC Dashing Bondhu Silk)

C14 #1 Male 
  Available Now!

Tri-Color Male
(White, Black, Tan & Ticked)
Bold, Friendly, Loving Pup.

  Available Now!
$900.00 Firm
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

C14 #6 Female 
  Available Now!

 White, Black, & Ticked Female
Bold, Friendly, Outgoing Pup.

  Available Now!
$950.00 Firm
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

C14 #7 Female 
  Sale Pending!

 White, Black, & Ticked Female
Nice, Bold, Loving Pup.

  Sale Pending!
$950.00 Firm
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Nursery News
100% Dashing Bondhu Puppies
These pups will be evaluated at 5 weeks of age and will be first offered to those on our waiting list.
Litter # E14
Date of Birth 2/18/14
Has 3 Males and 4 Females
Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho
(Dashing CountOtho Bondhu x Dashing Rosie Bondhu)
Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Silkette
(GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo x GDC Dashing Bondhu Silk)

These pups are now going through the selection process being seen by those on our waiting list.
Any available pups will be posted.

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
Litter # F14
100% Humphrey
DOB 2/26/14
Has 10 puppies
Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringold
 (GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo x GDC Dashing Bondhu Silk)

Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Whiskette
(Tennessee Whisky x Dashing AwRosie Bondhu)

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
Litter # G14
100% Humphrey
Date of Birth 3/6/14
Has 6 puppies
Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Whiskey
(Tennessee Whiskey x Dashing AwRosie Bondhu)
Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Nell
(GDC Dashing Bondhu Ringo x GDC Dashing Bondhu Silk)

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
Litter # H14
Date of Birth 3/10/14
Has 7 Puppies
Sire: GDC Dashing Bondhu Hank
Double Bred Dashing Chess Bondhu
(Hank's Ringo Bondhu x GDC Irish Chess Bondhu)
Dam: GDC Dashing Bondhu Othoette
(GDC Dshing Bondhu Ringo x GDC Dashing Odette Bondhu)

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
Litters Due!
Gun Dog Certified Parents!
Due dates are estimated times due and may be off by a week or two.
We also may have several litters due, but females may not be showing yet.
Also, please allow for the possibility of a false pregnancy.

Due 3/21/14GDC Dashing Bondhu Prince X GDC Dashing Bondhu Chess

Due 5 /15/14   GDC Dashing Bondhu Champ X GDC Dashing Bondhu Odette

Due 5/21/14      GDC Dashing Bondhu Prince X GDC Dashing Bondhu Babe

Due  5/27/14          GDC Dashing Bondu Hank X GDC Dashing Bondhu Princess

Due 5/28/14       GDC Dashing Bondhu Royal  X  GDC Dashing Bondhu Toni
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Planned Breedings!
Gun Dog Certified Parents!

Planned litters are listed in random order and
may already be bred or may not breed for several months.
Once they are seen breeding or start to show,
they will be listed in "Litters Due" above.
Planned Litters are subject to change.

GDC Dashing Bondhu Champ  X  GDC Dashing Bondhu DutChess 

GDC Hank' Champ Bondhu  GDC Dashing Bondhu Bonny   

GDC Dashing Bondhu CountOrtho X GDC IrishKing Bliss Bondhu               

GDC Dashing Bondhu Champ X GDC Dashing Bondhu Cora         

  GDC Dashing Bondu Hank X GDC Dashing Bondhu Princess

GDC Dashing Bondhu Royal X GDC Dashing Bondhu Missy     

Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!

Deposits Received

We currently have deposits for


We are accepting $100. deposit checks to be added to our waiting list. All pups are first offered to those on our waiting list in the ordered received, before being posted and offered to the public. Most pups are never seen by the public. Many of those waiting are waiting for a certain color, marking, breeding, or in later time frame and have and will likely pass until they get one that meets their desire.

If interested in reserving your place, please make out a $100. deposit check to Marie Bloodgood and send it to:

Marie Bloodgood
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, KY 42713

Please read about our selection process and how it works below on this page before sending in a Non-refundable deposit.

All our pups have a 
Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee!
Best Pups, Best Guarantee!

Out of


Please Note!
We are accepting $100.00 deposits now...

for future litters this year and beyond. The sooner we receive your deposit the more choices you will have. Of course we realize it's hard to plan to purchase a pup before you see them, so please understand, you have the right to wait until a pup to your satisfaction is available and we also guarantee your satisfaction 100% after the sale for their Life.

Please make out deposit checks to Marie and send to:

Marie Bloodgood
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, KY 42713

May God Bless YOU!


PLEASE, Do NOT feed any puppy/dog foods with ANY "Poultry-by-Products", "Chicken-by-Products", or "Animal Digest" in them. Many of these foods have medications, chemicals and/or additives to make those animals grow faster, larger, more tender, and moist and can effect the growth and future health of your puppy and dog. Doing so will NULL & VOID our Life-Time Guarantee.

We feed all our dogs and pups "SPORTMIX® Stamina 24/18" Dog Food.  

Available in 50# Bags

SPORTMIX® Stamina Adult Mini Chunk Dog Food is formulated for physically active dogs that require a sustained level of endurance. SPORTMIX® Stamina Adult Mini Chunk is a nutrient-rich formulation with selected high quality ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals which promote strong muscles and bones, and glossy coat. SPORTMIX® Stamina Adult mini Chunk is highly palatable; your dog will love the hardy taste. The optimum protein and fat level helps promote extra energy, vitality and endurance needed for overall good health and staying power. SPORTMIX® Stamina Adult Mini Chunk supplies your dog with a naturally preserved, 100% complete and balanced diet for a healthy active life.

Ingredients: Meat Meal, Ground Yellow Corn, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols Vit.E), Wheat Flour, Rice Bran, Corn Gluten Meal, Dried Beet Pulp, Salt, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Copper Sulfate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Calcium Iodate, Cobalt Carbonate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement.

Ingredients highlighted in red are what we want to see in our dog food.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein,  no less than 24.0% 
Crude Fat, no less than 18.0% 
Crude Fiber, more than 5.5% 
Moisture, not more than 10.0% to help maintain strong teeth. 
• Vitamin A & Omega 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The other SPORTMIX® Dog Foods are NOT recommended because they have Chicken-by-Products in them. Please DO NOT FEED ANY BY-PRODUCTS or ANIMAL DIGEST!

We have fed for some time now and raised many litters on SportMix Stamina and have been completely satisfied with their stamina, health, coat, litter size & over-all health, and feel the 24% protein and 18% fat is the perfect balanced  formula for our Setters well being. 

We do also add Goat or Lamb Milk Re-placer 25/25 to our nursing mothers and pups food mixed with warm water for their first 7 weeks and then feed all the dry food they want for their 1st year and then may ration their food if needed, but most of our Setters are in perfect condition eating it free will. 

When feeding high quality foods you will add years to their life span, have less vet bills and even save on the cost of feeding them in the long run. Dogs actually eat and need half the high quality food as they will eat and need of cheaper foods. Saving a few dollars on a bag will usually cost more since the dog may need to eat twice as much food. 

We personally do not recommend ANY Purina dog foods, especially "Puppy Chow" . We know of dogs of many breeds (not from our kennel) who have had chronic coat and skin problems for months or years when fed "Purina Pro Plan" or "Purina One" and when changed over to one of the foods we recommend, they have all cleared up completely. 

To be fair to Purina, if you are raising Game Birds, Purina Game Bird foods are the BEST food to feed them. It cost more, but it's been our experience raising game birds for over 47 years including for some state conservation departments, that the birds will hardly peck at all and will grow to be strong boned and fully feathered. Especially, Purina Game Bird Startina, we start all our quail and pheasants chicks on it. 

We have tried just about all other brands of game bird feeds and found it cost less to feed Purina Game Bird foods because of much less losses. When you consider the value of a half or full grown pheasant or even a quail, not to mention having a lot less live birds in the end and you lose even 1-2 extra birds per bag, it cost more to feed the cheaper feed then it does to feed them the Purina. Also, a stronger, healthier bird will fly and survive better in the wild and won't contaminate the native birds. All comments made are my personal opinions formed over many years of experience as a Supreme Grand Master Breeder. 

Though SPORTMIX® Stamina 24/18 is available at most Feed stores and Pet Mart stores, some of our customers may not be able to get it in their area, so we recommend the following brands of dog foods in the following order:

#1 Blue Buffalo®, aka "Blue", Lamb or Chicken & Rice (Available at most pet marts and highly recommended by all our customers who have fed it) This is the most popular food of our customers who rave about it.  (Please note it's Not the same as "Blue Seal" brand, we do not recommend Blue Seal dog foods with by-products)

#2 "Master Pet®" Summit or High Energy 24/14 (Ohio Pet foods, only available in OH, PA, & parts of NY. We fed Master Pet for 20+ years, the best dog food on the market, slow cooked, highest digestibility, but can no longer get it here in KY, if it ever becomes available again we will feed it and NOTHING else.)

#3 SportMix® Wholesome s® with Lamb Meal & Rice 22/12, is a new all natural, dog food made by SportMix® and is a high quality food, available at most pet marts at a reasonable price. It is also one that does not have super high protein like many brands without corn, wheat, etc.. Super high protein can cause liver and/or kidney problems later in the dogs life. Those super high protein foods of 27-34 or more, have not been around long enough to see how it will effect them later on in life.

#4 Enhance® Hunter's Edge 24/18 (was the same formula as "Formax® Competition", but has now removed the corn in it and call it Premium. It's no longer available here in Kentucky, but is available in some areas again at a much higher price.)

#5 Formax® Competition 24/18 (this formula is very close to both "SPORTMIX Stamina" and "Enhance Hunter's Edge" and available at many  feed stores in Kentucky and Indiana). Formax® Competition 24/18 is the only food we recommend, all their other Formax formulas have Chicken-by-products in them and should not be fed. We feed this food for several years until the price jumped up several dollars a bag.

Please note: We do not sell dog food or receive any coupons or proceeds for recommending any of these products and only do so to help our customers select quality food safe for their pups and dogs. We have been offered many deals to feed our dogs and recommend brands that have by-products, digest and/or other additives we refuse to feed our dogs. We would never recommend something we would not feed ourselves.


Llewellin Setter Puppy Price List
Prices listed are subject to change.

We have tried to keep our prices low even with all the many increases in the cost to raise them and the huge demand for them. Dog food has almost doubled since 1995 as well as vaccines and fencing, etc.. Even so, we still have our Dashing Bondhu pups priced far below what they originally cost us when we purchased them. 

Also, please keep in mind that our Setters are "Gun Dog Certified", we have the added expense of training each and every pup/dog we add to our breeding program, assuring our pups are out of PROVEN parents, Natural, and are "genetically sound", which could save you hundreds of dollars in professional training, veterinarian expenses, and they come with a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee! Mountain View Kennel is the first and only kennel to offer such a full guarantee and is setting the standard for the rest to follow if they can. If you can possibly find a better Guarantee on any bird dog, we will match it 100%.

ALL pups are sold with FULL breeding rights, unless noted for "Non-breeding home only". We feel it is important to have whole dogs with breeding rights available in case they are ever needed to help save the pure Dashing Bondhu bloodline again, but if you prefer to spay or neuter yours, it is fine with us. There are no better or genetically sound (clean) strain of dogs available in the world.

For some odd reason, we do get almost twice the males pups as we do female pups born, so it often appears females are in more demand, but we sell almost twice as many males as we do females each year. 

Prices listed are for 6-9 week old pups, if you purchased a pup and will be unable to pick it up or receive it by it's 10 week birth date, please add $50 per week boarding fee after 9 weeks unless our fault. We allow some 6 week old pups to be personally picked up for early bonding and can ship starting at 8 weeks of age in most cases. Shipping prices increase with pups after 9 weeks old, because of their increased size.

2014 Puppy Price List 
(Prices subject to change)

Pure Dashing Bondhu Puppies with some of Fr. Brannon's bloodlines in them.

Male's start at $800.00 ea.
Female's start at $900.00 ea.

Please add $100.00 to the starting price if a pup is 100% pure Humphrey bred. These are 100% from Mr. Humphrey & Chris Sorenson (Humphrey's Grandson) Kennel, who inherited them directly from Mr. Llewellin in 1925 and were kept 100% pure for over 140 years. They were first imported by Dr. Stephenson back in the 1960's and they were the best kept secrete from the public for over 30 years, being bred and known about only among a handful of professional people. They only became available to the public in the 90's through our friends Al & Drenda King, but were still kept below the radar until we published the "Dashing Bondhu History" in the early 2000's.

We have gone through great sacrifice, much added expense, and several years of hard work to save these pure 100% Humphrey bred Llewellin Setter bloodlines from extinction. We are glad to be able to finally say, with the King's and our Lord's help of course, we are able to produce them again for generations to come, but they will always remain the Best of the Best and extremely rare in the world. 

Look for litters marked as "100% pure Humphrey Bred".

To our knowledge, there are no pure Dashing Bondhu's left in England or Europe and we now have the largest pure Humphrey bred Llewellin's Setter breeding program and Dashing Bondhu program in the World.

We know with Great Accomplishments comes Great Responsibilities. Our Lord has blessed us with these wonderful pure Dashing Bondhu Setters and we pray that you will also feel blessed as well with one. 

Since no matter how good a breeding program is maintained, we know that nothing is perfect, so all our pups come with a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Replacement Guarantee!

The starting price is for all pups that are White, Black,& Ticked. This is the original and most common Llewellin Setter color.

Tri-Color is White, Black, Tan,& Ticked. Please add $50. extra for Tri-color.

True Beltons, are born completely White without any markings. They then begin to get ticking a few weeks later similar to one or both of the parents. Please add $100. extra for a Belton pup.

It has taken many years of selective breeding to produce the beautiful White & Chestnuts (Liver) or White & Orange in this strain, especially the Tri-Chestnut (White, Chestnut, Tan,& Ticked) so please add $50. extra if pup is a Chestnut or Orange in color and another $50. if a Tri-Chestnut.

Quad and Quad-Belton: Not yet Genetically Proven! Shades of color do not constitute a different color.

Example #1: a Blue Belton, please add $100. for being a Belton.

Example #2: a Chestnut Belton, add $50. for being a Chestnut and $100. for being a Belton = $150. should be added to starting price.

Example #3: a Tri-Chestnut Belton, add $100. for being a Tri-Chestnut and $100. for being a Belton = $200. should be added to starting price.

Many pups are born with pink or spotted noses, but 99% will become solid in color when mature. Tri-color, White & Black and most White & Orange pups will have solid Black noses when mature and Tri-Chestnuts, White & Chestnuts, and a few White & Orange pups will have solid brown noses when mature.

Please note: All Dashing Bondhu bloodlines go back to Mr. Llewellin's personal Setters that he himself bred for over 50 years and Mr. Humphrey and Fr. Brannon were very close friends and frequently bred, trained, and traded their pure Dashing Bondhu's until 1963 when Mr. Humphrey passed away. Fr. Brannon continued his strict breeding program of his Bondhu's until his passing and the great Ambassador was imported in 1988 and was bred to a pure Humphrey female that produced H/F IrishKing Bondhu Ashly. We have found no difference in their natural hunting abilities or genetic soundness in Fr. Brannon's Setters, both are identical. The only Belgium bloodline carried in some of our Setters are pure Humphrey Dashing Bondhu breeding without any Wind'Em, they are the same quality bloodlines imported to the USA in the 1960's by Dr. Stephenson. It was kept pure in Belgium after Mr. Humphrey's passing in 1963 and then imported to the USA in the early 1990's. 

For those interested, because of their rareness of the pure Humphrey blood, we have been working to increase the amount of Humphrey blood in some of our Setters. Please add $100 to 100% Humphrey Bred Dashing Bondhu male pups should be available in 2011 and females in 2012. 

All pups are microchip-ed, tattooed usually with the last three digits of microchip number, photos are taken for permanent identification, and all our pups are IPDBA (International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance) Litter Registered, at no extra charge. 

Attention Gun Owner's

We are not gun dealer's, but will consider shotguns, rifles , hand guns, in very good or better condition toward the price of a pup. Please send clear photo's, complete description, and the amount you would like to get to our email address below. We are not gun dealer's, only looking for certain makes, model, gauges and caliber's for our personal use.

We have family members very interested in, but may not be limited too, the following in very good to excellent condition.

Wanted on Trade?
We will consider trading for the following

  • All O/U's, side x side, shotguns in 28ga, 16ga or 20ga preferred.
  • Bolt Rifles in 204, 243, 25.06, 270, .338 Win. Mag, 7mm Ultra-Mag.
  • Wanting an28/20 ga. combo Frenchi Reliance O/U.
  • Remington Semi-Auto Rifles in 243, 270, 6mm, 25.06. 
  • Remington 742 with basket weave stock semi-auto 30.06.
  • Browning Auto, .338 Win. Mag., 
  • AR-15's or AR-15 Uppers in .22LR, .270 SPC, .308.
  • AR-15 Rifle .223, 24" SS barrel or upper.
  • Rem. 1100 or 870 28ga, 16ga or 20ga. LT. 
  • SS Revolvers .357 mag with 6"-8" barrel
  • High power tactical scopes 4-12 and 6-24 power top brands.
  • Burris Eliminator Laser scope.
  • Range Finders 600+ yards only.
  • Spotting Scopes.
  • Loading equipment, dies, etc. for 12ga., 28ga, .223, .357 mag, 7mm    Rem. Mag. 
  • Good Ammo .223, 38. special, 357 Mag., 28 ga., 20ga., 12ga.
  • Llewellin or English Setter Art, books, etc.

Deposits, Reservations, &
our Selection Process

We require $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve a pup or to be placed on our waiting list for future pups, which will be applied to the purchase price of your new pup.

Reservations are taken in the order that deposits are "received" in hand which guarantees your place in sequential order starting at 5 week birth date. It is impossible in most cases for someone to come and pick out a pup within 48 hours of the day they are emailed info, because of the unknown timing of the picking order, so if they are unable to come in person within 48 hours of the 1st notice sent, they MUST make their selection from the photos, diagram, and description emailed them within that time. All additional questions will be answered, but if management believes the person is attempting to delay the selection process for any reason, Mountain View Kennel reserves the right to offer the available pups to the next person in line. Mountain View Kennel always reserves the right to refuse the sale of their pups at anytime. Available pups info will be emailed or sent to the first person at the top of our waiting list on or within a few days of their 5 week birth date. 

All selections MUST be made in a TIMELY manner (within 48 hours) of when email/s with info are sent. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to check their email/s often and to keep management notified of any address changes. Any delays will forfeit your selection order regardless of when your deposit was received and pups will be offered to the next person waiting, or posted to the public on a first come first serve bases. 

This is done so other customers will be able to make their selections in a timely manner and can start picking up their new pups as young as 6 weeks of age to begin their important bonding process and also so we can offer any non reserved pups on our website as soon as possible. 

Please note: Mountain View Kennel always reserves the option for first choice on all litters for their personal program, but will honor all selections once made. This does NOT mean that a pup will be chosen from each litter. Deposits may not be transferred to another litter once a selection has been made. We do NEVER accept "REFUNDABLE" deposits. If a litter is not born, or puppy does not make it, or is not desirable, deposit may be transferred to future litter or on another puppy that is available. If customer decides to purchase else where, deposit will be forfeited and will NOT be REFUNDED.

Generally, reserved puppies are to be picked up at 6-8 weeks of age or shipped at 8-9 weeks of age and no later than 10 weeks unless under special circumstances. Mountain View Kennel does not offer any TRAINING or KENNELING services and will NOT raise pups for you! 

Mountain View Kennel is registered business with the State of Kentucky and ALL pups that are picked up, must add 6% Kentucky sales tax of purchase price ($6 per $100) including deposit. Only pups that are shipped do not require sales tax.

We raise each puppy as part of our family so we prefer that our customers pick up their pup in person if possible, so we can meet their new owners in person. Since it is not always feasible for everyone to pick up their pup, we do offer customers a reasonable service to ship their pups starting at 8 weeks of age from Louisville International Airport when ever possible. Shipping and Handling fees are extra: We can ship to any major airport in world that allows airlines that carry animals. We have shipped safely to hundreds of airports around the world, including to every state in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Japan, Norway, Belgium and other countries around the world.

We do not ship pups to any country if they require them to be quarantined. We only will only ship pups younger than 12 weeks of age in countries rabies titer testing is required at 12 weeks or older. Titer testing will require pups be over 12 weeks old to receive rabies vaccination and must be boarded for 30 days or more days and then titer tested to prove  rabies vaccine protection is likely before shipping. Basically, a 3 month old pup might be 5-6 months old when permitted to ship them to those countries.

Please make out deposit checks to Marie and send to:

Marie Bloodgood
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, KY 42713


We prefer customers/buyers come pick up their pup/dog, but when that is not feasible, we are willing to provide the buyer a service when requested to ship the buyer's pup/dog for them fully insured to a major airport near them for a reasonable shipping/handling fee when possible. In shipments outside of the US, the Fees may not include inspection fees, taxes, or fees charged on the customers end. Once your pup/dog has been turned over to the airline representative and has left our possession, we as the seller/shipper do not accept any responsibilities for loss, damage, or destruction of your pup/dog caused after they have been turned over to the airline representative/s.

Remember, all pups/dogs are shipped on your behalf and at your request and the sale is finalized at the time the airline representative/s accept possession of your pup, they are responsible from that time on to you for the wellfair of your pup/dog while in their possession.

Any loss, damage, or destruction of the buyer's/consignee's pup/dog should be covered by the airlines insurance that is paid for from the S/H fee. Of course, we will help the buyer on our end anyway we can to get their claim filed, but we the seller/shipper do not accept any responsibilities for any loss, damage, or destruction of the buyer's/consignee pup/dog while the pup/dog has left our possession. 

Fortunately, shipping is VERY safe, we have been shipping pups/dogs and many other animals for over 40 years now and have only had one problem with a pup over 20 years ago. All pups/dogs we ship are Veterinarian Health Certified and insure for their full value or maximum amount allowed.

We can now ship to most major airports in the HOT Summer or COLD Winter months, for a little more with Delta or United Airlines. We have shipped pups to Phoenix, AZ when 105 degrees there using Delta Summer Pet program. Unfortunately, the Delta summer program is not available at all airports and does change. Generally, we can ship pups when temperatures are between 10 degrees - 85 degrees F with a Veterinarian  acclimation certificate.

We do our best to keep our Shipping and Handling Fees as low as possible. They include General Vet Health Certificate, Airline approved pet carrier with dish/es, transportation to and from our Vet's and to Louisville International Airport, shipping insurance, and the shipping expenses to your airport. Airline cost are much cheaper when paid in advance and many airports or airlines require payment up front. 

We also make all airline reservations for a date and time that suits both of us. We NEVER ship on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or on or around Holidays because of high airline traffic. Our schedule is very busy, but we have set a side Thursdays to ship pups/dogs when weather permits. Payment with S/H fee MUST be paid in full and received NO LATER than the Monday before the Thursday we plan to ship them, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any payments received later will be rescheduled to ship the next Thursday we are available. Pups must be at least 8 weeks old to ship.

If you plan to ship your pup, please send the following amounts with balance payment at least one week before shipping date:

Age of pup
Prices subject to change!
One or two 8-9 week old pups
$325.00 (American Airlines)
$350.00 (Delta Airlines)
$375.00 (United Airlines)
One or two 10-13 week old pups
$350.00 - $375.00  
& Boarding fees if apply
14-19 week old
& Boarding fees if apply
20+ week old
$400.00 - $500.00 
& Boarding fees if apply

Prices above, do not include boarding fees mentioned for pups kept over 10 weeks of age. Pups are expected to be picked up or shipped no later than 9 weeks, unless arrangements have been made and approved by Mountain View Kennel, LLC management first or a shipment has been delayed on our end.

It is now easier in most cases for Canadian purchases to be picked up at closes US airport and hand carried across border. But we can ship to a few Canadian Airports add $100.00 to above S/H prices for special State Health Certificates. 

If we do find a way to ship to Canada, some Canadian shipments will require pups to stay over night in a facility/kennel at last US connection, usually in Minneapolis St. Paul, if they do you will need to pay another $75 for fee. This is because they must spend at least 4 hours at US ports of exit and the Canadian inspection offices close at many airports of import at 4 pm in Canada. This only leaves a small window. Some inspection officers will check them after hours for an additional fee, but that may vary in different Canadian ports of entry. Fees do not include inspection fees, taxes, or fees charged on the customer/buyers end.

Mountain View KennelTM will try to ship pups in a timely manner, but because shipping is a complicated and time consuming process, they reserve the right to put off shipping dates to make the most out of their very busy schedule and the safety of the pup.

Multiple Purchases: Many times, two pups of similar age can be shipped together for the same price as one or for very little more.

International Shipments: Mountain View KennelTM has and will ship pups around the World. All additional expenses must be paid before pup or dog is shipped. May require $150.00 - $300.00 more than USA shipments above. 

International buyer's should be aware that almost ALL our Llewellin Setters have great scenting ability and are naturally high style and point confidently with heads and tails held high, far off the birds. This makes them very visible in cover and beautiful to see on point. If you do not like this style, please do NOT purchase one of our Setters.

Very, very seldom anything ever goes wrong while shipping and we take all precautions for a safe and stress free experience. We insure them for their full value whenever possible, but it is the buyer's full responsibility once the puppy or dog has left our possession with the airlines. Buyer must notify the airline at time of pick up of anything that may have happened during shipping and to file all claims with the airline. Mountain View Kennel will help with the filing, but does not cover any injuries during or after shipping or pickup.

Please keep in mind, that in over 40+ years of shipping pups and dogs around the world, we have only had one problem with shipping a pup. Shipping is VERY safe!


Sorry, NO Credit Card or Pay Pal payments accepted.

Marie will accept personal checks for deposits ONLY (Must clear before shipping or pickup of pup). Balances MUST be paid by Certified Bank Check, USPS money order/s, Cash, Western Union, or Bank Transfer made out to: "Marie Bloodgood" or "Mountain View Kennel" ONLY. Please send payments to Marie at:

Marie Bloodgood
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, KY 42713

Please note:

Because of the overwhelming amount of customers interested in our wonderful pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin's Setters, we are having a difficult time answering phone calls, so we give them low priority and won't likely call back those who leave phone messages.

PLEASE EMAIL! we will give emails high priority and will answer them us instead of calling ASAP. In most cases we get in very late at night and can email when it's much too late to return calls. If you don't get an email reply, please check your spam folder and make sure to add our email address in your spam folder.


Please no calls or visits on Sunday's or Holiday's, these days are reserved for church and family.

Visitors are welcome by appointment ONLY!

We prefer email, but if you MUST get a hold of us by phone or want to in case you get lost on your way to pick up a pup, our number is (270) 531-7966. Please leave a message and we will do our best to get back with you as soon as we can, but cannot guarantee a return call unless your lost.

Michael J. Bloodgood has been breeding Top gun dogs of all kinds since 1971 - present! Marie joined him in 1978. 

Here are some of his Dog Breeding Achievements with the help of Marie and their 3 children: 

1. He started breeding Gun Dogs in 1971 at age 15.
2. 1974-77 worked as an advisor in AKC Irish Setter Program and pro-trained client's bird dogs for Orion Kennels.
3. Personally bred top Field Trail AKC Beagles and dominated Beagle Field Trails from 1971-1984 with his outstanding Woodland, Pearson Creek, Pin Point, Melimark Bloodlines and still owns a few Beagles for gun dogs today.
4. Developed an outstanding bloodline of imported German Short-Hair Pointers and bred them from 1974-1996 with 100% satisfied customers.
5. Saved and Born again in fall of 1986 and lead by the Holy Spirit to start the development of a new breed of Tree dog known as the "Mountain View Cur TM" the following year, which were recognized as a unique breed in 1995 and is still breeding some today. MVC's went on to win several National, Regional, and State competition hunts against ALL Tree dogs in 6 registries in seven states dominating their competition events from 1991-1996, his MVC's had Nine 1st, Two 2nds, and One 3rd place in their last 12 State, Regional, National, and World hunting events. 
6. Awarded Life-Time Outstanding Breeder Award in 1994.
7. Awarded Master Breeder in 1996.
8. Lead by the Holy Spirit to start his Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter program in 1996 and still breeding them today.
9. Awarded Grand Master Breeder in 1997. (only four breeder's ever awarded GMB)
10. Awarded Supreme Grand Master Breeder title in 1999 (1st and only SGMB to date). This is the highest breeding award available in the world and is equal to being entered in the Hall of Fame in other major organizations.
11. Have and currently serving as Genetics' Advisor on several Breed Association Boards, Councils, or CEO.
12. Chief Genetics Advisor for the International Progressive Dog Breeder's Alliance (International All Breed Dog Registry). 
13. Was elected as President for three different Breed Associations, serving as many as eleven terms in one. 
14. Published works and many articles on breeding and genetics for several association News Letters, Magazines.
15. Published monthly columns in a National dog hunting magazine from 1991-1999 and is still being sought after to write more and as a speaker on better dog breeding.
16. Judged Field Trails, shows and events in several registries and organizations from 1977-present.

There are many more accomplishments made in breeding dogs and other animals, game birds and even endangered species as well, his accomplishments as an Aerospace Machinist, hunting, and sports, but those are other areas. 

Mike gives God ALL credit and glory for all his achievements made throughout his life, past, present, and future. Mike was lead to save, breed, and preserve Llewellin's personal Setters (Dashing Bondhu's) through the Holy Spirit's and he, his family, and hopefully their customers have all been blessed many times over. May God bless you and your family and may God bless America and it's allies!


"We can not do great things, we can only do small things with great love."
- Mother Teresa -


Dashing Bondhu Colors

Many people think that a certain color or pattern is what a Llewellin Setter is suppose to be. Some people think a Blue-Belton, others think an Orange masked and ticking and some others think they must be Chestnut or something else. The truth is NO color or markings define a Llewellin Setter or a Dashing Bondhu from English Setters. Mr. Llewellin and Mr. Humphrey, bred for performance, temperament, and genetic health, nothing else.
Mountain View Kennel does not breed or select for color either and while the Dashing Bondhu bloodlines are genetically capable of producing ALL known English Setter colors, the large majority of the Dashing Bondhu pups being produced today are either Tri-Color (White, Black, Tan, & Ticked) or Tri-Belton (White, Black, Tan & Ticked) in color just like their ancestors Mr. Llewellin's own FdCh. Armstrong's Dash II (Dashing) and FdCh. Dashing Bondhu (Bondhu). Followed by many White, Black, & Ticked, Blue Beltons (White with Black ticking) and some White & Chestnut, Chestnut Belton (White with Chestnut ticking), Tri-Chestnut (White, Chestnut & Tan Chestnut) and occasionally some White & Orange and Orange Beltons (White with Orange ticking) may also be produced, usually when a parent is one. We could easily produce more of one color than another by simply selecting more dogs of a certain color, but like those who developed the breed and strain, we are more interested in the quality as natural bird dogs, family companions, and genetic health for generations to come.

The term "Belton" was first used by Mr. Laverack, and was taken from the name of a town near Northumberland, England where many of the Setters there carried this distinctive color scheme." The term "Belton" is used on Setters that are born all white without any markings and will have ticking as they grow. The amount of ticking has nothing to do with weather or not it is a Belton and some are very heavily ticked as adults while others can have hardly any ticking as an adult or may come in any color or combination of colors. The Blue Belton is very striking, especially with heavy amounts of ticking. They are actually just White with Black ticking, but the over-lay of white hairs over their black ticking, makes the ticking appear in color. 

A complete list of possible colors are as follows:

Predominant colors are listed first in order.

The spotting that begins to come out a few weeks after birth is called ticking. Usually a breeder can tell 99% of the amount of ticking they will have as an adult around 5 weeks of age.

All Tri dogs will have some degree of Tan markings on their muzzle and Tan ticking on lower legs and feet. the amount will vary from hardly any to a bunch of tan ticking.

Common Colors:
White, Black & Ticked = W, B & Tkd.
Tri Color: White, Black, Tan & Ticked = W, B, T, & Tkd.

Rare Colors:
White, Orange & Ticked = W, O & Tkd.
White, Chestnut & Ticked = W, C & Tkd.

Very Rare Colors:
Tri Chestnut: White, Chestnut, Tan & Ticked = W, C, T, & Tkd.
Quad Color: White, Black, Chestnut, Tan & Ticked = W, B, C, T, & Tkd.
Quad Chestnut: White, Chestnut, Tan, Orange & Ticked = W, C, T, O, & Tkd.

Belton: A True Belton is born solid White with no body markings at all. On Litter Registrations only pups born solid White are to be submitted as a "Belton".

Common Belton Colors:
Blue Belton = White with Black Ticking
Tri-Belton = White with Black & Tan Ticking

Rare Belton Colors:
Orange Belton = White with Orange Ticking
Chestnut Belton = White with Chestnut Ticking
Tri-Chestnut Belton = White with Chestnut & Tan Ticking

Very Rare Belton Colors: Not Yet Genetically Proven!
Quad Chestnut Belton 


Please Note: Statements of percentages of bloodlines in our dogs and pups are calculated approximations made to the best of our knowledge and abilities from the pedigree information we have at the time.

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  April 16th, 2014

All our Llewellin Setters are permanently identified with registered microchips,
Tattooed, photographed and are DNA swabbed for personal genetic identification.

All documents, photographs and graphics are Copyright © 1996-2014 Mountain View Kennel. Background "painting" of GDC Dashing Blaze Bondhu, pure Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setter, dedicated in her loving memory.